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March 17, 2008
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Aug 10, 2007, 7:23:45 PM
The Knex Autobots by Glitched9700 The Knex Autobots by Glitched9700
These are custom transformers built out of knex. I use the movie designs to model them out. Took a long time to get them just right. Each one of them fully transforms and doesn't have to be taken apart to do so. They are a lot larger than their toy counterparts.
Here is my youtube homepage link to see Ironhide and Bumblebee transform

Also some are posted at Instructables on how to build them here [link]
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Autumnstarr Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Transformers + Knex {or Legos} = Epic awesome!!

Age limit: none

This is awesome!!

I now wonder if my own Autobots could be made out of Knex ? {already got a few out of lego by a friend so far}
Thanks, anything can be made out of knex.
Autumnstarr Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Did you send these pictures to the Knex Class of 1992 page on yet ? I bet you could get them up there!

I am also kinda jealous, you still have your Knex, I had to sell mine a few years ago {just over 100 pounds worth, literally several million pieces collected over the years!}
I never submitted to the knex webiste I should look into doing that, also i have a ton of knex but not several million. It could be me, but that seems a bit high for only 100 lbs of knex.
Autumnstarr Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
EWe had lots of smaller pieces, the rods were all in their own bucket. {25gallon bucket} the connectors took up two 50 gallon buckets, the last time we weighed them all it was a total of 100 pouns, that was back in 2000. I sold them five years later. So its been awhile and we added so many sets to the pile. I miss doing Knex. Had pretty much every set made too {minus the microknex and the lego knex}
I believe it could be 100 pounds of knex but if it were 50 gallon drum were filled with knex just one of them would be a couple hundred pounds. Also the lego knex are horrible, but the micro knex are worth using you can use them to take some weight off of the model and actually help build in conjunction with the normal knex. I use the micro all the time but would never use the lego knock offs.
Autumnstarr Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Same here, the lego knex are just imitation, not the real thing, it surprised me however that some of the older Knex sets that included the shock absorbers, those selfsame shocks were directly from Lego Technic sets!

As to the weight, its been so long I can't fully remember, I only remember that we had three 50 gallon buckets {by rubbermaid} and another 25 gallon bucket also by rubbermaid filled to the top with knex pieces {And me and my brother at two in the morning making models direct from dreams!}

I really miss playing with knex, it was so fun, age limit is literally zero, I still have a model set up on my bookshelf, sadly collecting dust, one of those streetcar models {the blue supercar/sportscar set}

I could try using the micro knex, though personally I prefer the classic knex. I remebmer making a Hummer H1 out of random pieces using a calander picture for referance {the doors actually opened and it had a slant back too with the hinge connectors for the slantback!!}

I'd continue, but this comment is already long as heck
well I've had knex since i was 9 when they basically came out, also there was a time during high school i thought i outgrew them but never got rid of them. Then during college i had an urge to play with them again and eventually got me reeled back into building. Also i never had all the sets but I had pictures of them mostly really small from the advertisements so i would build things from that as close as I can get anyways. Even when i was young i always built from my imagination only regret i have is not having any pictures of any of it.

Whats so nice about the micro it allows you to actually do more with the larger knex, and most of the custom connections I have come up with translate to the micro knex and makes for some very flexible building especially when your tight on room.
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ECs-Overlord May 8, 2012
I know! I am currently working on building a fully transforming G1 Optimus Prime out of Lego bricks. (Yes I am a 20 yr old guy who still plays with Lego, got a problem?)
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